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"Behind every Barbie"

SPCKRFT celebrates women every day, this month they collaborated with VIM Magazine (@vimmagazineofficial) to bring their vision ‘Behind Every Barbie’ to live.

Featuring SPCKRFT crew, 4 models, and 2 makeup artists who were part of this collaboration. 


Photography by Mika Calizo (@mika.calizo)

Participating models:
Cesi (@the_language_of_energy)
Cali Polanco (@calipolanco)
Alyssa Marie (@alyssa.marie2913)
Melody Gallegos (@melodygallegos)

Cheyenne (@cheyenne_makeup)
Cat Young @cyoungmakeup


Check out (@vimmagazineofficial) at

Cheyenne | "Behind every Barbie"

Cheyenne | "Behind every Barbie"